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Plants and Animals

If I were a plant, I might arrive at silence and stillness a little more gracefully.  I might meditate with greater success. If I were a plant, I think you would find that – impossible as it seems – I am both an annual… Continue Reading “Plants and Animals”

Fellow Travelers

There is more than one world.  Turn your attention now, away from the one that is always trying to sell you something, for time is short and you have work to do. Befriend yourself, settle into a homecoming, apprentice yourself to the dear friend… Continue Reading “Fellow Travelers”

Tread Lightly

You’ve been searching a long time now.  Somewhere along the way, you pause.  You begin to notice the intricacies of every texture, the textures of every intricacy. All the magic you overlooked becomes discernible.  How could you have missed it? It is at once… Continue Reading “Tread Lightly”

Dear Diary

You must not complain about dust.  Dust becomes cloud becomes rain becomes forest becomes life, so you must not complain about dust as you wipe it from a table, books, shelves. May there be an empty space in the palm of my hand, where… Continue Reading “Dear Diary”

Now and Again

“Now we return to the lily”

How To Carry Soup

“Time now to gather the wild grain of yourself, kindle the spark of yourself…”


“Alone as you feel, you are with all the world”


Daylight passes over the garden. Wild green things grow thick ‘round the entranceway. Spotted fawns have come by, their mother not far behind. Cat sits and watches.    


All day long, I see things a painter would paint. What is there to complain about? Even my own pain has been endured by thousands before me, and depicted by master sculptors. Pilgrimage, penance, failure, learning to hold one’s self tenderly, in friendship –… Continue Reading “Pilgrimage”

Refugees Welcome

There are places to rest
along the miles
of all your days,
if you will only sit…

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