Many Brothers

Connection erases age, weakens constraints, strengthens the bond of brotherhood. I have crossed many valleys. I have loved many brothers. Treetops creak and bang the way the screen door did in my own lost boyhood. A wind has risen.  Dying leaves pray for us all as they descend, knowing how to honor their own wisdom.Continue reading “Many Brothers”

A Great Many Sparrows

You know there are a great many sparrows in a tree when your view of the tree itself has been almost completely obscured by the birds. There are three ways to see these birds as they leave the tree in the morning, a single entity swirling up and away, as if together they made aContinue reading “A Great Many Sparrows”


Walking alone in nature can be sacred, healing and rejuvenating. The motor of your mind gradually stops its whirring and quiets down, like a swarm of locusts moving further into the distance.  Constrictions loosen.  Stale transforms to Vivifying.  You have made some space around yourself, and you are participating in creation.  The sights and soundsContinue reading “Pearl”

Walking Home

As is so often the case, it was only me at my own side, constant companion. Eyes on the next bend in the road, waving mosquitoes away unsuccessfully, rounded stones half-buried in the ground pushing at my feet through the soles of my shoes. The light softens now. Cloud-shadows of evening begin to lick theContinue reading “Walking Home”