Walking alone in nature can be sacred, healing and rejuvenating. The motor of your mind gradually stops its whirring and quiets down, like a swarm of locusts moving further into the distance.  Constrictions loosen.  Stale transforms to Vivifying.  You have made some space around yourself, and you are participating in creation.  The sights and sounds of the organic world support you as a hammock might, allowing you to sway, to rock in the cradle of your underneath layers.

When walking alone, you don’t owe anybody anything.  No one owes you.  In doing so much less than you would otherwise be doing, you are doing so much more.  You are away from how you are thought of by others, even those who perhaps know you best.  And your own judgments begin to lift too, as the song of what you know begins to fall away.

You are a pearl rolling in a silver bowl.


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