Dear Diary

You must not complain about dust.  Dust becomes cloud becomes rain becomes forest becomes life, so you must not complain about dust as you wipe it from a table, books, shelves.

May there be an empty space in the palm of my hand, where every night some means to an end used to be.  Not just any space – an interstitial space between the microcosm of the container of my physical body and the macrocosm of the jeweled net of infinite galaxies.

Of course the prevailing winds will still blow from the north, and I’ll still be listening to the broken record of myself, but maybe a sound like running water will become loud enough to drown out the static feed of my looping thoughts.  Maybe the sound of a tree growing will untangle the knot of my mind’s running commentary, embroider a fine silk cloth of meditation.

I am always wanting to be reminded of something I’ve forgotten.  That is precisely why I do every little thing that I do.

Look back but don’t stare.  Glow in the dark and don’t think too much about it.  Consider yourself a well-loved mystery.

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