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Excerpt from The Way of Zen by Alan Watts

From The Way of Zen by Alan Watts ~ “All one’s intentional acts, desires, ideals, stratagems, are in vain.  In the whole universe, within and without, there is nothing whereon to lay any hold, and no one to lay any hold on anything.  This… Continue Reading “Excerpt from The Way of Zen by Alan Watts”

Real Time

What have we been, in the very ground of our being?  What might we become?  These questions are of past and future.  In trying to answer them, we will not find peace. Carry the wind of the present in your heart and you will… Continue Reading “Real Time”


What have I learned as muddy wet earth became sun-baked became leaf-covered became snow-buried became muddy wet earth?  What have I learned by paying attention to Nature (not learning the names of things because they are just names) and in my mind separating out its… Continue Reading “Student”

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