“Many Miles” by Mary Oliver

The feet of the heron, under those bamboo stems, hold the blue body, the great beak above the shallows of the pond. Who could guess their patience? Sometimes the toes shake, like worms. What fish could resist? Or think of the cricket, his green hooks, climbing the blade of grass- or think of camel feetContinue reading ““Many Miles” by Mary Oliver”

On Working With The Creative Powers

This is a wonderful excerpt from the book Blue Pastures by Mary Oliver.  It is not about an artist’s discipline, that is an entirely different subject.  Rather, it’s about making oneself available at all times to one’s ideas and creative powers. “I am absent-minded, reckless, heedless of social obligations.  It is as it must be. Continue reading “On Working With The Creative Powers”

Six Thoughts On Mary Oliver

Mary, who helps us remember tenderness when we find an insect on our pillow, or a bat in the house. Mary, who reminds us of a hundred walks in the wilderness, even as we stare at lamp-lit sheetrock and worry about work. Mary, who tells us what we knew the moment we were born but have forgotten. Mary, who makes us feel less aloneContinue reading “Six Thoughts On Mary Oliver”