Siddhartha Considers Emotion

“He pondered this feeling which completely filled him as he slowly made his way.  He pondered deeply, sinking down into the depths of this feeling, as through deep water, until he reached the point where the causes lie.  For to know the causes – so it seemed to him – that is what thinking is.  And only in this way do feelings become knowledge instead of being wasted.  In this way they become meaningful and begin to radiate what is within them.”

-Herman Hesse, Siddhartha


Perceptions of Poetry

Wow.  What a thought-provoking piece by Kevin J.H. Detmar from last February’s issue of The Atlantic Magazine.  As a longtime lover of the movie I had to release all judgment, and found myself enthralled as a result.  There’s some real food for thought here.  Food that requires a lengthy chew, and may still be hard for some folks to swallow.

And yes, I am a romantic, anti-intellectual lover of the “sentimental humanities”.