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Beginner’s Mind

Beginner’s Mind Spirit of breath and practice, holy mystery of movement and stillness, grant me the discipline to just sit here, though the old fires still burn in me. Grant me the wisdom to remain plainspoken at the doorstep of the mind’s entanglements.  Let… Continue Reading “Beginner’s Mind”

SOLD OUT! C.M. Rivers 2021 Poetry Calendars

SOLD OUT! ~ Need a little nature and poetry on your wall for the new year? You’ll find them both in this colorful calendar, featuring quotes from my recent poetry collection How To Carry Soup (Homebound Publications). Want to see samples? Simply scroll down… Continue Reading “SOLD OUT! C.M. Rivers 2021 Poetry Calendars”

A Short Interview

A brief interview about poetry with Homebound Publications: HB: Why did you start writing poetry? CMR: I’m not sure which is more true: if I began writing poetry, or if poetry began writing me. All I know is, at some point, it became a… Continue Reading “A Short Interview”

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