Many Rivers

You have known many takers, known many givers, walked many pathways, crossed many rivers. 

Maybe you’ve known a husband or two, some lovers or wives.  You’ve died a few deaths, lived a few lives.

You have been a seeker, you have been a finder, you have found the forgotten and remained a reminder.

You have worn many costumes and fanned a few fires.  You’ve cleaned up the mess but then tangled the wires.

You have been the wild, and also the idle, swung up in the saddle and borne the bridle.

One gardener, many flowers.  One eternity, many hours.

You have written the song, invented the singer.  You are a happiness giver, sadness bringer.

You have danced on the roof, curled up on the floor.  All this you have done, and more.

All these things, I too might be.  All these things, I too may see.

And though we come from different places, look out through eyes on different faces –

Many roads, one destination.  Many rhythms, one vibration.

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