Weather Report

To better understand nature you need to spend some time in it alone, observing.  The more you do this, the more quietly aware you’ll become of what is happening there – the order, science, art, survival.

The same applies to one’s body and mind, habits, tendencies, perpetual states, thoughts that come and go, emotions that change and pass.  The solid and fluid.  The blurry and congruent.  The daily weather report of moods.


1. Man’s quest for meaning: The earth has no unanswered questions.  It leaves that to one of its inhabitants.

2. The over-playing of songs on the radio: If I hear “Jack and Diane” one more time, I’m gonna retch like Gollum with a sinus infection.

3. Feline behavior: As afternoon thrummed silently on, the napping cat followed the sun across the room.

4. Superbowl ads that don’t cut it: 3 million dollars for 30 seconds and that’s what you came up with?

5. A moment of Om: The cello of evergreen boughs passed the music of wind into my hearing.