The Girl With Many Secrets


Weaponless, her face hidden beneath paint, a rucksack slung across her glistening back, she sets out alone again, through the twilight of morning.

Two tired jewels, she and the sickle moon both fade into the horizon, noiseless phantoms.  All day she presses through mist and wind, crossing cloud-shadow and rain-shadow strewn recklessly over the earth.

The storm withdraws at evening’s approach.  All is luminous with the rich gold of a falling sun.  Smoke rises from the roof of a house in the valley below.  She regards her destination grimly, arriving moments later on the doorstep, pausing for a sharp breath.

She is a master of fire, let it be known.  Someday she’ll have the world at her feet.

She is the One.


Exemption (A Vampire Love Poem)

In a crystal palace I now reside,

below rising towers of pale rose quartz;

on a snow white tiger I often ride

great lengths,

then returning to my regal courts

I gaze in praise of my saffron halls,

boasting marble floors and amber walls.


In anticipation of my wild love’s return

I set a feast at my tortoise-shell table;

from citrus trees I gather wood to burn

for as long as I am able…

yet lacking strength I must retire

in ruby robes before the fire.


Fiercely, fearfully I awake

to find her hands upon the stake!

It’s clear she knows now what I am:

a secret soul amongst the damned.

To the look of terror in her eyes

a look of love in mine replies

“My darling one!” in grim protest,

but her slender hand heeds no command

and she drives the post in my pale breast.