• Net Man

    Net Man

    “The point is that he had – as we all do in given measures – an unknowable wildness.” Read more

  • Refuge


    By day, a daydream ponderer who never gets her fill – by night, a barefoot wanderer who’s wandering still. With the bamboo wind and a golden rain-tree, what a lucky pilgrim she shall be. Read more

  • Medicine in the Moment

    Medicine in the Moment

    The essence of time is found spontaneously in moments, not measured in minutes. Minutes are fleeting, moments are precious. Minutes are disposable, moments are priceless. In man’s strange invention of measured time, minutes tick tick tick away, evaporating, yet somehow stacking up to become the years of our life, a row of slender volumes heldContinue… Read more

  • These Particular Blues

    These Particular Blues

    It was one of those days when the movie of your life should have won an Academy award for best screenplay.  The twists and turns knocked everyone out, the plot was as tight as high-end waterproof luggage, and the soundtrack matched how everyone felt that year with uncanny accuracy. All you know is it’s oneContinue… Read more

  • Dear Diary

    Dear Diary

    You must not complain about dust.  Dust becomes cloud becomes rain becomes forest becomes life, so you must not complain about dust as you wipe it from a table, books, shelves. May there be an empty space in the palm of my hand, where every night some means to an end used to be.  NotContinue… Read more

  • Connecting Poetry With Song

    Connecting Poetry With Song

    Originally posted on C.M. Rivers: John Lennon’s Imagine, and Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ In the Wind are both songs that – when the music is stripped away – reveal themselves as powerful poems.  They have both stood the test of time, asking the heavy questions of what it means to be a human society, and… Read more

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