• Withlacoochee River, 1986

    Withlacoochee River, 1986

    Strange, how there’s no money in bending spoons, levitating, walking through walls, eating fire. Stranger still, the mind’s tireless insistence on returning to the same vault of memory:  a woven hammock bleached by the sun, beach glass, the texture of a Van Gogh, metallic oysters, cold beer, fried shrimp, French vanilla ice cream. Strangest ofContinue… Read more

  • Stone Lion

    Stone Lion

    The face of the stone lion has turned white due to weather and time, two things I understand very little of, being neither meteorologist nor physicist. I only know that he reminds me of a Celtic warrior about to pick a fight, milky streaks spreading through the dark copper of his mane. A stone lionContinue… Read more

  • High Road

    High Road

    Once you have traveled              in the four directions,   along the main thoroughfare,              and spent a good deal of time   on back roads and side roads,              putting one foot in front   of the other until you reach              a measure of satisfaction,   it is possible you might find             Continue… Read more

  • Beginner’s Mind

    Beginner’s Mind

    Beginner’s Mind Spirit of breath and practice, holy mystery of movement and stillness, grant me the discipline to just sit here, though the old fires still burn in me. Grant me the wisdom to remain plainspoken at the doorstep of the mind’s entanglements.  Let me keep a balanced, empty mind. Grant me patience, not onlyContinue… Read more

  • This Light

    This Light

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  • The Good News

    The Good News

    Excerpt from The Good News, a poem from my collection How To Carry Soup (Homebound Publications, 2020). Read more

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