• Robert Frost Quote

    “I suppose I’m just a bit lazy, so I’ve had a lazy, scrape-along life, and enjoyed it.  I fight everything academic.  The time we waste in trying to learn academically – the talent we starve with academic teaching!”    -Robert Frost Read more

  • Impaled Digits

    Growing up, I had the privilege of enduring several ingrown toenail surgeries, which culminated in having a third of the nail removed on each of my big toes.  Of course, by that time I was reading a magazine and whistling to myself while blood spurted across the room like a Monty Python skit.  Yet IContinue… Read more

  • Bittersweet: A Portrait of Professional Cooking

    The kitchen end of the restaurant business is a fascinating industry to work in, if you’re fascinated with minds warped by the toll of long hours, intense stress, and hearing the same songs ooze out of grease-addled radio speakers. Then there are the bodies attached to those cerebral cortexes – bodies beaten into submission overContinue… Read more

  • Stillness

    Like so many things, it comes when I have given in, given up the search, released the desire, turned my attention elsewhere.  It comes in crumpled-up moments – in splintered, fickle doses. It’s as if my expectation of it is the very thing that prevents it.  I might be on the town running errands, ticking themContinue… Read more

  • Prayer

    May I see through the dark, without even looking. May I hear above the noise, without even listening. May I know beyond a doubt, without even thinking. May I trust in myself, without even trying.   Read more

  • Through the Door

    We live in the crook of fortune’s flexible arm, an arm that winds up at a predetermined and rigid hand.  We live both sides, both ways, each a tiger, surveying from ripples wound about the tightened stake of natural selection. We’d love a look at the other side without going through, a rare and much sought-after mystical optometry,Continue… Read more

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