• Along The Way

    Along The Way

    New book coming April 28 – Along The Way ~ Poems for the Wayward. Pre-order link: Wayward. Available anywhere books are sold beginning April 28, 2023. “A stunning collection that embraces both the sensuality and the profound meaning of small moments.”  –Kirkus Reviews Read more

  • Digesting Memories: Of Food and Family

    Digesting Memories: Of Food and Family

    “If we want to create healthy change for ourselves and the planet, we will need to abandon the societal myth of food choice entitlement, stop defining the main course as meat, collectively see animals as sentient beings, drastically overhaul the ways we produce food, and rethink our insistence of assigning economic value to everything under… Read more

  • Geese Flying Over

    Geese Flying Over

    It’s the middle of January, what are you doing here? I ask this of both myself and the geese as I rise to the shallows of dreaming and break the surface. Oh, right, they’re Canadian. This is south for them, and my own reasons are not so simple. It is a lonesome sound, their squawking,Continue… Read more

  • Valentine ~ A Love Letter to V

    Valentine ~ A Love Letter to V

    You’ve lived here for time out of mind, between u and w, given of yourself, yet been grievously overlooked toward the back of the line, fifth-to-last, always in twenty-second place. Without you, no love, no forgiveness, no reverie. No vertigo, velvet, voodoo. Verses, violins, viticulture. No need for vaccinations, because – no viruses or variants.Continue… Read more

  • Peace I Leave With You

    Peace I Leave With You

    May you ever walk in kindness, be it a walk of haste or of leisure – peace I leave with you. If you find gold in the stream may you throw it back – peace I leave with you. May your hands be generous, your words be ever gentle – peace I leave with you.Continue… Read more

  • This Light

    This Light

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