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C.M. Rivers grew up reading to the sound of rain on the roof in the Willamette valley and Cascade mountains of northwestern Oregon.  He’s the author of How To Carry Soup: Poems (Homebound Publications) and Along the Way ~ Poems for the Wayward (forthcoming).  His poetry has appeared in various literary magazines and journals across the United States.  He’s spent most of his life wrestling with phobias, and occasionally borrows confidence from his future self.  If you’ve nothing better to do (and surely you must have) you can follow C.M. on Goodreads, Amazon or Facebook.


4 Comments on “About

  1. I am absolutely loving your poetry! So happy I stumbled across your blog and look forward to reading more! Greetings from one Pacific Northwest writer to another! 🙂

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  2. I discovered your poetry through your book How to Carry Soup.
    Thank you for sharing your introspective heart mind and your vision that seems able to see and willing to explore the light and the shadow of life to discover the magic.
    Recognizing kindred spirits through heart-shared art keeps my hope and trust kindled in my soul. Peace.


      • So happy. Joy is what we are all here for, I believe. So wonderful when our creativity blossoms into joy for each other.


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