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Painted in Waterlogue

Since the days of Careme, Point, and Escoffier, there has been a military approach to how a kitchen is run. We have learned, rightfully so, that this type of order and control is essential if cooks are able to accomplish their daily goals. This, of course, doesn’t always mean that cooks enjoy the focus on directives (just like military personnel), but everyone seems to understand that this is the way it is.

There is an organizational structure (developed by Escoffier after his time in the French military) that delineates responsibility and reporting. The Executive Chef is the administrator of the kitchen, the Sous Chef is the production manager, Rotissier focuses on roasts, Grillade on steaks, Poissonier on fish, Potager on soups, Saucier on sauces, Boulanger on breads, and Patissier on pastries and desserts. Although most kitchens (outside of very large and formal hotel kitchens) no longer have such breadth to…

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