Blue Shutters

When we press our faces

against the glass

of what we suspected might be possible

yet never dared to try,

then shall we find ourselves tangled

like two iridescent sparklers

or coalescing threads of cosmic gas.


You and I, flint and tinder,

shift and weave down the potholed road.

People might understand, or they might judge.

Forget them.

It is for us alone to decide.


Coarse sand clings to our oiled thighs,

our golden shoulders.

How long has it taken

to come here? Long.

Far beyond the travel-time.

Our lives mimic the dunes,

ever fragile, constantly reshaping,

held together by unseen roots.


Back on the mainland,

away from these pastel houses

with their decks and shutters,

it will take greater effort to see

the most impermanent thing

in the world is us.


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