A soulful song that moves you in the way nothing else can, except that one person in your mind’s eye who is responsible for braiding together the softness and madness of all your fears and longings  before they have drained away out of your head, out of the pliable funnel of time, carousel vortex of your days, the calendar of your life, known best to you, sacred to you with scribbles indecipherable to others.  It’s gotta have some punch ‘cuz it’s been awhile.  It’s gotta eat you for lunch and leave a smile.  When dreams have not yet drained away you can hear your fortunes fizzing like seltzer, crackling among blood cells like dry kindling.  Resilient as we are, we are designed to fall.  You can go into it with grace or knock down the wall, both things shine and dazzle and reflect a hundred ways, prisms insightful.  Birth is achieved and no promises kept after, none but the Grand One looming with its undeniable searing truth, tomcat walking the fence, howls of heat rising in his wake.


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