Classic Girl

Extraordinary.  Original.  Intellectual.  These words do a pretty good job of describing my wife, as words go.  I don’t wanna start gushing romantically here, because I don’t want to gag myself, or you, with a spoon.  (Especially at holiday time with all the fine cutlery out and everything.)  Also, it’s simply annoying and tasteless to rave lovey-dovey on social media sites – unless you’re a teen or tween.  I mean really, how about a nice hot steaming cup of shut the f*c* up!

That said, let the gushing begin.

Thirteen years ago I met a woman who was such “the bomb” that I scrambled to get my shit together.  I’d had a string of relationships that all failed one way or another, and I knew I’d be fool to let this one slip away.  She had the most fabulous and irresistible personality, and she was – and still is – a combination of Raving Beauty and Girl-Next-Door.  One of our first dates, we walked through downtown Seattle to a little theater to see a Woody Allen movie.  I’d heard my new girlfriend chuckle, but I hadn’t heard her really laugh yet, and as her magnificent howl of a laugh filled the theater I slunk down in my seat, as if I were in a Seinfeld episode.  Of course in Seinfeld, Jerry would’ve broken up with the girl, whereas for me it was just one more thing about her to fall madly in love with.

My wife has an incredibly strong wise giving loving heart, and a killer intellect, but my favorite thing of all just might be her sense of humor.  It’s a sparkling multi-faceted diamond, a subtle yet demanding fusion of goofy, cynical, riotous, clever, keen, dark, bright, dry, wry, unconventional and unexpected.  And though she is prone to severe grumpiness, she’s also the most fun woman I have ever met.  (And that’s saying something!)

To sum up, I have to quote Jane’s Addiction: “such a classic girl”.


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