Got My Ass Kicked Today

At the end of the day my needs are met, so I have no business complaining.  I have breath, water, food, heat, shelter, and so much to be grateful for, no page would be big enough for the list.  But sometimes you gotta vent.  I never used to admit it when I had a hard day – sure, I might gripe a tad, but never let on the full scope of the walloping I took.  I definitely used to have the “superman syndrome”, and I still try to “do it all” and be everything to everyone in my life, both personally and professionally.

But today I’m admitting it.  I admit that my body is full of pain and it is winter.  I admit that work was stressful for me today because of my physical limitations, and a pain in the ass because someone didn’t call or show up.  I admit I had to pry myself out of bed this morning with a crowbar, and was running behind.  I admit my back and hands killed me all day and then I shoveled snow and chopped wood.  I admit I ‘m going completely bald, can’t seem to eat right, squint all day long, have an infection on my toe, have no clean pants to wear tomorrow.  The cat was stuck in the house all day and crapped on the floor.  The mail was a four-digit hospital bill for a test that didn’t help my wheezing, sleep-deprived wife.  I bought a six-pack of beer to take the edge off, and as I carried it to the front door the bottom collapsed and most of the bottles broke.

Life is hilarious and sad, and I got my ass kicked today.

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