News from Inside the Rainbow – Part 3

Broken hearts don’t bleed, but may turn to stone if left untended.  So sit a spell, sit with me, walk with me, talk with me, walk talk sit spit drink think.  Know the straightness of an arrow, wander for a time in the palace of a pharaoh.  Find secret places, callous your feet.  Sit a spell, dream with me, want with me, let go with me, laugh, stand tall, fall silent, soak in sun and moonlight.  Help shamans and artists with their errands, look down at the earth from islands in the sky, pinnacles of floating rock below a curtain of cloud pierced by the stone.  Study nautical star-charts, deconstruct riddles, find doorways in mountains, eat fire from fountains.  Master every craft until your store of wisdom is many fathoms deep, ride the lightning of long shadows, forget where you are.  Be fluid, be noiseless, cling to what’s left of your life, honor your story and also forget about it.  See without eyes, rest without sleep, satiate yourself without nourishment, immerse yourself in the flowing expression of energy.  Be a kaleidoscope, be a thousand suns, wish yourself on the world, wish the world on yourself, see through miracle-lenses that reflect the flowering lights of the frozen Pleiades.  There’s a whole world of maps and leather-bound books and spiral staircases and tides of late afternoon light, enough to send you tumbling, revolving like something unnamable trapped in a prism attached to a thread that dangles from a wide-eyed child’s finger.  Your head shakes up thoughts like dice, leaves them at your heart’s doorstep.  Your heart deals its hand, leaves it in your head.  There’s a whole world of toes in sand, salted caramel, licked lips, yellow roses and cherry ice cream.  Climb with me up the thick leafy vine to meet the maker.  Attend the feast of goddesses near the granite tusks and marble columns.  Walk with me, laugh, cry, marvel.  Make music, practice heliotropism, wipe twilight dust across your forehead in an aboriginal trance.  Eat.  Digest.  Rub hands and feet together, make stories of your own.  This is our unbroken voyage.

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