Lost and Found

At the bottom of the barrel you can still be at the top of your game.  On the highest rung of the ladder you can still hit rock bottom.

So you might as well fall on your knees at the doorstep of the house of the Creator, every word a precious prayer as it leaves your lips, rejoicing all grace and sorrow for the way it rocks you like you’ve never been rocked.  You yet live, your heart somehow still manages to shine, to perform its function.  The adventure of death awaits you.  It will come when it does.  Don’t look for it until you see it.

Don’t worry about the earth, the earth will be just fine.  The climate will have changed regardless, just at another time for another reason.  Don’t worry about the dilemmas of Man – they are splinters in the finger of creation.  Have you ever looked at one of those timelines that begin with the Big Bang?  We’re pretty much an item in a universal lost-and-found box.


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