Good Grief

One way to help heal depression is to let yourself feel your grief, really allow it to sink in.  If you don’t settle down into your center all will be lost, and eventually you’ll grow numb to everything.  The world will turn to useless plastic jibberish before your very eyes.  Don’t be resigned to that – break your heart all the way open and keep going.

Don’t bother trying to sleep it off, because the fatigue brought on by depression is not one that can be remedied with physical rest.  A symptom is not a cure.  You’ve got to drag yourself, kicking and screaming, out into life, with grief or without it.  And at the same time, you’ve got to accept that you’re not immune to it, that you’re only human.  Make no mistake, it will burden the sturdiest shoulders, weigh down the highest-held head.  A kind and fortunate king surrounded with opulence and feast-laden tables will slouch down on his throne beneath its stifling mantle, one hand shielding his eyes from golden lights – while a friendless beggar who has accepted his own heart’s sadness dances a lively jig outside in the rain and snow.

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