News From Inside the Rainbow – Part 2

There was a bonfire at a gathering in Mt. Shasta.  I met a man named Many Rivers, and thought how glad I was to be only one river.  How exhausting to be many!  “I have entire lifetimes inside of me,” he said.  “Memories spanning centuries, trembling, waiting to flutter, croak, bark, crackle, the way you once did.  Today the water is glassy, today the sun dazzles and moon swells.”  He drew from his peace-pipe.  “This electric air, these organic trees, we belong to them,” he said.  “Today my thoughts are primate in their color, texture and shape.  Tomorrow they may be feline or Jurassic.  I see the shapes of many things over time.”

He passes me the pipe and continues.  “There are shady stretches in life, refreshing me the way music floats and swirls, the way flowers grow humbly on little side-streets, the way pillars of fire invite transformation.  Look into that sky.  We are at the edge of the world here.  More exquisite still are the angels all around us, waiting for our blood to blacken and our marrow to dry up so we may join them.  Blessed are these years when all your pieces are working as they were intended, but do not forget the courage of those who dare to live differently.”

I hand back the pipe, clear my throat and say “perfection is John Candy grooving to Ray Charles with a beer in his hand and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.”

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