Exemption (A Vampire Love Poem)

In a crystal palace I now reside,

below rising towers of pale rose quartz;

on a snow white tiger I often ride

great lengths,

then returning to my regal courts

I gaze in praise of my saffron halls,

boasting marble floors and amber walls.


In anticipation of my wild love’s return

I set a feast at my tortoise-shell table;

from citrus trees I gather wood to burn

for as long as I am able…

yet lacking strength I must retire

in ruby robes before the fire.


Fiercely, fearfully I awake

to find her hands upon the stake!

It’s clear she knows now what I am:

a secret soul amongst the damned.

To the look of terror in her eyes

a look of love in mine replies

“My darling one!” in grim protest,

but her slender hand heeds no command

and she drives the post in my pale breast.

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