The world moves me, incredibly, yet hurts so much with all its trouble.  We are all each other.  We are all vital and fresh, and greasy damaged goods, all at once.  We are a mash of matter and cells, primordial puree.

I want to shed my human-ness and unite with my animal incarnation.  Wither my body and swipe it out of the way, integrate my spirit-life into the land itself, the very sky.  Be inside stones and water and wood, be outside what we perceive as space, divorced of linear time.


One thought on “Communion”

  1. Hi Riv This one resonates with me so much. Not too many minutes ago I was thinking how I want to abandon my mind and get into my creatureliness!!!!!!!!! Let’s have a bunch of fun to make up for all of the suckiness, or at least make a dent in it Love you, Jess


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