Sense of Wonder

At the heart of humankind stirs an ever-present unquenchable need to tap into its own creative power.  This manifests in ways both peaceable and destructive.  Nevertheless, we yearn yearn yearn to push beyond the aches, pains, phlegm, blood and gunk of mortality and the visible world known to us.  No wonder we enjoy star-gazing so much: we have a desire, be it conscious or unconscious, to explore and experience cosmic energy.  Many of us feel as if splinters of that energy are hooked into us.  Couple this desire with the unavoidable recognition of our stunning insignificance, and you have before you the Sense of Wonder that has been endlessly pondered by countless humans over countless lifetimes.  It can go either way, I suppose – you might feel energized and awakened by it, or you might adjust the rope and kick the stool out from under your feet.

I think that in the most exciting circumstances the artist within us springs to life, even from the most dormant state.  The artist incarnation of ourselves then goes to work, producing something that has the ability to inform or inspire others…and in many cases it continues to inform and inspire long, long after our departure from this world.

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