Solutions (And Other Problems)

The thing is, there are no solutions.  One man’s solution is another man’s problem, and vice versa.  It’s all just a cosmic stockpot of thoughts, perceptions and judgments – a sort of existential gumbo.  The more you think in terms of problems and solutions, the more you find yourself grasping at something that can never really satisfy, never truly reward.  Yet it’s difficult, in our world of duality, to let it all go.  Our rational minds thrive on thinking this way, kind of like an academic measuring of poetry – trying to place some measure of control on something that exists outside its realm.  But that’s just it, you see: our minds think they’re running the show.  They’re not.  We are driven by something much deeper than intellect: our heart life, our spirit life.  Turn away from what’s really inside of you and yer gonna go bonkers eventually.

It reminds me of my great-grandfather.  Bound to a wheelchair by a stroke and colon cancer, he continued to radiate joy like some sort of strange Buddha.  I recognized it as a boy, but not until now did I make the connection well enough to explain it.  He would grin his great toothless grin at me and exclaim “Coon…tastes like roast dog!”  Then an enormous wheezing laugh would rise from his chest as he took another puff off his Santa Fe brand cigar and blew smoke rings that would rival Gandalf’s from “The Hobbit”.  His hair stuck up in bedraggled patches, and he loved doing magic tricks almost as much as he loved drinking Sarsaparilla and watching Hee-Haw.  There was something about him, something he understood about life, something beautiful.  After all, he was in his mid-nineties.  Far, far beyond the “looking for a solution” stage.

Maybe once you’ve been hit with enough problems, you just see stars instead.

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